Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

The Wieliczka Salt Mine tour from Krakow is one of the most popular tours. Is a unique place and it is really worth seeing. Is located in the vicinity of Krakow and is located about 13 km from the center of Krakow. During your Salt Mine tour from Krakow you will learn the secrets of the underground world and the history of this place. Will delve into the mining world and learn what a miner’s job was like on a daily basis. You will learn the geology of this place. You will have the opportunity to see salt formations, sculptures made of salt. And also stalactites and stalagmites and underground lakes. Wieliczka Salt Mine guided tours from Krakow take place every day.Wieliczka Salt Mine guided tour last about  3hours.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour from Krakow

There are around 800 stairs to climb in the mine, do not worry you will be partially climbing them. The temperature in the mine is around 17 degrees. So be prepared for this temperature by choosing the right clothes, especially in summer, when the temperature outside on hot days is much higher. The length of the tourist route is approximately 3 km. It is worth taking comfortable shoes with you. The Wieliczka Salt Mine tour from Krakow is a fantastic place to spend half a day in Krakow. It is a nice idea for a family trip and with your group of friends, but not only. The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is definitely a unique place. Thus it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. And when in Krakow it is worth taking this trip and discovering the charms of this place during a guided tour.  

Visiting Wieliczka Salt Mine

Your Wieliczka Salt Mine guided tour from Krakow adventures begin from your hotel pick up. Your driving takes about 30 minutes. The Salt Mine in Wieliczka is located about 13 km from the center of Krakow. You meet your local guide in the museum. I am sure that you recognize him right away because he is wearing a miner uniform. All guides are museum employees. The museum takes full responsibility for training the guides both in terms of knowledge and safety procedures. After that in a few words you get instructions about conditions underground. Let’s start your Wieliczka Salt Mine guided tour from Krakow. You’re discovering running in a group. You are going down the stairs, the first 350 stairs are impressive. In other words, now you feel that you can do that. You pass narrow corridors with your guide admiring sculptures made by ordinary miners. Your guide will tell you by whom they were created, who they represent and how they relate to the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Wieliczka Salt Mine tour from Krakow

During your tour, pass through the chambers and your guide will tell you about their names and where the name came from. He will also tell you what functions they once performed. When you reach the main part of the museum, the chapel of St. Kinga looks amazing. All the sculptures are made in salt. You can not get over your delight in admiring this place. Then you pass underground lakes and take a narrow mining elevator to the top, do not worry back you won’t have to go up the stairs anymore. After this 3 hours excursion you feel legs 800 stairs down but you know it was worth it.There are sure to be plenty of memories left in your head.

After your Wieliczka Salt Mine tour you come back to your driver. He is waiting in the car park. He takes you back to your hotel or any other location in the city centre.


1. Pick up from your hotel/hostel/apartment
2. Drive to Wieliczka Salt Mine about 40 minutes
3. Guided tour in Wieliczka about 3 hours
4. Drive to Krakow about 40 minutes
5. Drop off to your hotel/hostel/apartment


  • Pick up from your hotel/hostel/apartment
  • Guided tour in Salt Mine (available languages: English)
  • Ticket to Salt Mine
  • English-speaking driver
  • Transportation by air-conditioned minivan/bus
  • Professional service


  • Gratuities
  • Lunch/drinks


Start time: 9.00 AM, 11.00 AM,

*The pickup time may vary from the above-mentioned to approximately 40 minutes, time of your pick up depends on the location of your hotel.

Temperature in Salt Mine in Wieliczka

The temperature in Wieliczka is about 17-18 degrees.

I am not super fit am I able to take part in this tour?

During this tour there is about 800 steps to walk, but you will climb it partialy. So do not worry. The route is not demanding.

Wieliczka Salt Mine what should I wear?

Wear comfortable shoes, remember that temperature is about 17-18 degrees so wear appropriately.

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/ Adult
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/ Student
From €50.00
/ Child
From €30.00
/ Infant
  • English
  • Minivan
  • In person
  • Shared
  • Hotel/ Apartment
  • Full refund up to 24 hours before tour start
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