The following regulations for all services and purchases of supplies from the organizer, purchased by the Tourist via the website portal, Sales Center or directly by the organizer.

The regulations define the following terms:

  1. Organizer: CTO GROUP SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ, 2/10 Borowinowa street, 30-698 Kraków, Lesser Poland voivodeship, tax number 6793227657 
  2. Welcome in Cracow- a brand belonging to the Organizer in which it provides tourist services and events. 
  3. Regular tour- part of the Organizer’s standard offer.
  4. Private tour- tourist event organized at the special request of the Tourist.
  5. Voucher/ticket- an electronic or paper document issued by the Organizer informing about the booking and payment for the trip purchased by the Tourist.
  6. Booking confirmation- a form sent to the Tourist by e-mail by the Organizer in the event that the Tourist makes a reservation for participation in a tourist event organized by the Organizer.
  7. Tourist/Client- any person who books and / or is a recipient of services CTO GROUP SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ, 2/10 Borowinowa street, 30-698 Kraków, Lesser Poland voivodeship, tax number 6793227657
  8. Website- the website, where tourism services are available and where these services can be booked.
  9. Sales Center – place where you can make a booking for participation in tourist events organized by the Organizer.


  1. Reservations can be made:
  • by phone, e-mail
  • through the payment form available on the website
  • in sales centres
  1. When making a reservation, the Tourist is obliged to provide the following contact details: name, surname, telephone number and place of accommodation during the stay in Poland. The transferred data is made available only to subcontractors, i.e. the Organizer, the Museum, transport companies and companies cooperating with the organizer. 
  2. The proof of booking and payment for the service is:

for reservations in the Sales Center: a voucher issued by the Organizer.

In the case of booking via the Website: electronic proof of booking to be printed / or available on a mobile device sent to Tourists by the Organizer by e-mail after the Tourist has made the booking.

  1. The tourist is obliged to check the correctness of the information on the booking confirmation or the ticket / voucher
  2. A Tourist who does not have an ID card compatible with the ticket / voucher or an electronic proof of payment printed / on a mobile device confirming the right to use the service, will not be able to participate in the tourist event. 
  3. The surname and name on the ID card are the most important elements of identification.
  4. Student discount will be given to Tourists with a valid student ID
  5. The student discount will be granted to children and students aged 5 to 15 on the basis of a valid passport or student ID confirming the age of the Tourist.
  6. Tourists who bought a place at a tourist event with a student or student discount are required to have the documents listed in point 7 and 8 and show them at the request of the Organizer. If the tourist is unable to present these documents, he will have to pay the full ticket price.

Cancellation of the service:

  1. The tourist has the right to cancel the event free of charge 24 hours before the start of the event.
  2. The Tourist may submit a declaration of cancellation of the booking for a tourist event for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer. The organizer reserves the right to charge a fee reflecting the actual costs of preparing the tourist event and the related staff costs.

The realization of the tourist event:

  1. In the case of tourist events where the Tourist is to be picked up from a given location, the Tourist should wait for the bus in front of the building at the time specified in the booking. The organizer informs about the possibility of delay due to high traffic.
  2. In the case of tourist events for which the pickup location is specified by the Organizer, the Tourist should wait at the place indicated by the Organizer.
  3. If the Tourist does not show up at the indicated place, the Organizer will try to determine the Tourist’s place of stay. If the whereabouts of the Tourist are not known and the schedule of the event does not allow for further delays – then the Organizer has the right to depart from the pickup point or start the tour with the rest of the Group; in this case, the Tourist bears the costs associated with this situation (no refund) – the above situation entitles the Organizer to immediately terminate the contract with the Tourist with the fault on his side.
  4. The Tourist is obliged to present to the Organizer a ticket / voucher or a printed electronic proof of reservation or possession on a mobile device entitling him to participate in the tourist event.
  5. The organizer has the right to refuse admission or further participation to persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs or behaving in a way that threatens other Tourists participating in the tourist event. In this case, Tourists are not entitled to a refund for the unused ticket.
  6. Throughout the trip, the Tourist is part of a larger group, which requires him to stick with the group, follow the Guide’s instructions, and adhere to the excursion program and meeting times.
  7. The tourist is financially responsible for any actions that lead to damage to the vehicle he travels on or harm to other participants of the trip.

Complaints and returns:

  1. The tourist has the right to file a complaint, which may be submitted and considered on the basis of the Act on Tourist Services (of 2004, No. 223 Art. 2268, as amended). Complaints may be submitted to the e-mail address:
  2. If, during the tourist event, the Tourist confirms that the contract has not been properly performed, he should immediately inform the Organizer about it. If the above is not possible, the Tourist is obliged to inform the Organizer no later than 7 days after the end of the tourist event.
  3. The Tourist may submit a complaint in writing by e-mail to the address or in person at the Sales Centre.
  4. The organizer will consider the complaint within 30 days of its submission, and in the case of complaints submitted during the tourist event – within 30 days of the end of the tourist event.
  5. If the complaint is not accepted, it will be dismissed and the Tourist will be informed about such a decision and the reasons for its refusal.
  6. During a tourist event, a Tourist may be equipped with an audio system consisting of a receiver and headphones.
  7. The tourist undertakes to use the device in a way that excludes its average wear and tear resulting from normal use as intended, and to return complete and clean equipment immediately after the end of the trip. (?????)
  8. The tourist is obliged to cover the costs of repairing the device in the event of damage caused during its use, and if it is impossible to repair it – to cover the costs of purchasing a new device. Any defects will be written down in the form of a written damage report containing the tourist’s obligation to cover the costs of repair or purchase of new equipment in the event of inability or unprofitability of repairing the equipment.
  9. The tourist is obliged to cover the costs of purchasing a new device in the event of loss of the device.

Cancellation of the tourist event:

  1. If the Organizer – before the start of the tourist event – is forced, for reasons beyond his control, to change the essential terms of the contract between him and the Tourist, he is obliged to immediately inform the Tourist
  2. In this case, the Tourist should immediately, but not later than 24 hours before the start of the tourist event, inform the Organizer if: Accepts the proposed changes to the contract, or rejects the contract with immediate reimbursement of all costs. Failure to respond by the Customer within the prescribed period to inform the Organizer is treated as acceptance of changes to the contract resulting from reasons beyond the Organizer’s control (i.e. natural disaster).
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